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Laura and Marie

This site was inspired by聽my little sister, Laura. She’s born in 1990 and has Down syndrome. She’s the sweetest and most beautiful girl in the whole world 馃檪 She’s doesn’t talk at all, but can be very expressive in her own obscure way, forcing us to try and understand her and improve her situation. This has not only led our family to new people and new places (we moved house about 4 times to be able to send her to a different school with new teachers and new possibilities), but more importantly it made me discover a technique to communicate telepathically (not only with her but also with other people or beings). I even discovered how to teach this technique to others, you’ll read more about this on the other pages of this site.

Laura is so very intelligent and wise and spiritual, and at the same time she can be so down-to-earth and plain, which is great. The most beautiful thing about her, in my opinion, is how she always stays her natural self, no matter how many people are watching her! 馃檪

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