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Month: December 2010

In April 2009, I went on a trip with my oldest sister Sarah, a weekend away to Scotland, which she could combine with one of her trips for work. We both felt like seeing lots of nature and no tourists, so we drove off to the north, as far as we could for a two-day outing. After three or four hours of driving, we reached “Glen Cannich”, a valley that was cut out by a glacier[...] Read more ...

Whitethorn bush

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Some time ago in spring, my mother, my little sister and I went to the woods to pick white hawthorn blossoms to dry, so we could make herbal tea with it later. Hawthorn tea is very tasty and is widely known as ‘good for the heart’. We had discovered a good spot while we were driving around earlier, with a whole row of whitethorn bushes, a good way off the road, eye-catching and[...] Read more ...

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