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I’m Marie, I live in the Flemish part of Belgium. My younger sister Laura cannot speak – she manages to point out the things she wants and you can usually see on her face wether she likes something or not, but communication with words is not possible. For many years I tried to find a way to overcome this gap between us.

Where it all started…

Since the eighties, my father developed a telepathic contact with Master Morya and made this into his profession during the last twenty years of his life (see www.morya.org). He also had a telepathic contact with Laura’s soul in the first few months of pregnancy (I was six then), but then one day she unexpectedly said “I won’t be able to talk to you again as I have to tend to my brain”. Sure enough, when she was born several months later, she needed immediate surgery to repair a hole in her cranium. In the years that followed, she never agreed to resume the telepathic contact with my father, so we were forced to find another way.

A mystery

I grew up with this ever-present challenge of how to communicate more profoundly with Laura. I loved her so much, but part of her was also a great mystery to me. Somehow I knew that I was capable of telepathic communication on a soul level, just like my father, I knew the possibilities of telepathy and how it should be, but I couldn’t find the key to open that door. My father couldn’t teach me, and the few things I found on the internet couldn’t help me either. For many years, I was clueless on the issue.


Then, when Laura was thirteen and I was twenty, my Mum and I went to an informative lecture about ‘facilitated communication’ in Brussels. Two French speaking ladies explained that, by pointing out letters on a computer keyboard, one could communicate with a handicapped person. After that simple lecture it was like I woke up from a long sleep. Something inside me clicked and I found a way to open a hidden gateway inside of me, just like that. I went home, started experimenting and within minutes, I found out how to do it myself. But before talking to Laura, I wanted to practice and be sure, so I asked everyone I met if they would like to get ‘a message from their soul’. In a few weeks time, I gave over one hundred of those soul messages and received a lot of feedback about how the people recognized the truth and value of what was being typed. A true miracle!

Then I felt confident enough to try it with Laura… and it worked! Soon she was giving very deep talks about the reason for her life, about how she dealt with her ‘handicap’, about what it meant for her and so on. She also explained to us what she liked and what she didn’t and replied to all my practical questions (such as: do you feel like going swimming now, or not? Would you like to come to the shop with Mum or would you rather stay home? Before, we always used to guess the replies, now we could get her answer and very often, after ten minutes, her behaviour would clearly show that what she typed was true – if you took her to the shop even though she said she didn’t want to, you would be in trouble!). We all found it a great way to make our relationship with Laura more relaxed and predictable, and she also felt more at ease, being listened to. Unexpectedly, in two weeks time, thanks to her new ability to express herself, she also cured of a persistent eczema in the back of her neck, which she had had for many years.

Soon I found out that I could also use what I did to talk to our cats, the fish in our pond, the trees in our garden, an injured bird we found, a friend’s problematic dog, unborn babies, etc. In many cases, I later had the opportunity to check the replies with reality and found that what had been said, was correct. We also achieved some good results with animal behavior.

You can learn it too

After five years, I started to teach what I knew and found out that it’s actually quite easy for people to learn how to communicate telepathically with the soul, whether it be the soul of people, animals, children, nature beings or other living creatures.

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