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Course dates

Telepathy & intuitive development

Courses are regularly organized in Dutch.

For more information, please visit the Dutch language site.

If you have a group of interested people and want to help organize a course in your own place and language, please contact us to see what is possible!


“I rediscovered the flow in myself” (Margriet, course 2009)

“For me this course was a real initiation. As if a window was opened, or a door for me to pass through. I have accepted a kind of energy from deep within myself, which makes telepathy feel quite natural.”


  • 38 courses since 2007
  • over 500 participants
  • in 5 countries
  • taught in Dutch, English or French

    What’s special about this course:

  • You acquire a versatile technique you can use for the rest of your life
  • No fantasy or visualisations, but physically perceptible
  • Telepathy swiftly leads you to the core and gives you access to answers and solutions
  • Thanks to intuitive development you learn to set your boundaries while remaining cordial and connected to others
  • You gain strength in your life and learn to cope with stress and problems
  • Quick and thorough, no long-winded year training
  • Elbow grease principle: whatever we learn, we try it in class
  • Room for your own questions and subjects
  • Even before the end of the course you will have experienced successful telepathic contacts with people and animals. On the last day we also start telepathy with your own soul.
  • More about the contents of this course on the page “Telepathy & intuitive development”
  • Or on the ‘Frequently Asked Questions‘ page (FAQ)

    About me, Marie Crevits (34):

  • life-long experience with telepathy in general, and nearly 15 years of experience with doing it myself
  • I teach enthousiastically, intuitively and spontaneously
  • I bring across even the weightiest subjects with lightness and humour
  • attention for the group’s interests
  • my expertise surpasses theoretical book knowledge and is founded on an exceptional upbringing and rich life wisdom

You can read my full story on the page “About us”

“The telepathy has become a trusted and almost daily support for my personal growth” (Lieve, cursus 2008)

“I took the course for the sake of learning telepathy, but in fact the intuitive development has helped me even more 🙂 . The way everything is said, so simple, clear and useful!”

What do you need?

You don’t need any special skills. All you need is openness, honesty and the wish to mean something to the people and living beings around you.

The only real requirement is to be present during the whole course, so you can really build up your new skill. If before subscribing to a course, you already know you won’t be able to be there every day, better wait till the next one.

What to bring?

  • All teaching materials are provided, but bring a notebook and a pen
  • If you need glasses, don’t forget to bring them too
  • From day 3 onwards, you can also bring your tablet or iPad to class (but no worries if you don’t have one, it’s not indispensable)

“Through the course I have learnt a lot about myself and the inner possibilities” (Hanneke, 2015)

Practical details

If no translation is needed (i.e. if all the participants know English, French or Dutch), the course takes 4 days (four times 6 hours of workshop). If an interpreter is necessary, we need 5 days instead of four.

Ideally, groups consist of 12 to 16 students, so that all participants can practice with each other and gain more experience.

Sign up for a course

Currently, no courses in English are planned. However, I’m always ready to accept invitations from groups and people abroad. If you would like me to come and give a course in your place, contact me and we I’ll be happy to discuss the conditions and details with you. Fill in the contact form or send me an email at marie(a) (change (a) into @)

“This course has opened many doors for me. The small steps I was taking have now become big jumps. My aspiration for spirituality, for contact with myself and with others is more real now, it has become truth. Unexpectedly, this course also brought me closer to my daughter.”

“The way you teach and what you bring is wonderful. The technique we learned really suits me and makes me feel happy and open…..but it goes much further than just the telepathy….you have helped me to open my heart more and you’ve shown me that living from the heart is something that can be done and that it really works, that I can live and work from and with the energy from my heart! Besides that, I now have the tools and a frame with which to better understand my high sensitivity and I’ve learned a way to better deal with it as well. Marvelous.”

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