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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to do telepathy?

No, not very. The only thing is that at first, it can be a bit tiring, because it demands an intense concentration. When you are not used to it yet, you mighty only be able to practice for ten or maybe fifteen minutes at a time before the mind gets too tired. After getting more used to it, it gets much less tiring.

In truth, the hard part about telepathy is not the process itself, because almost anyone can learn it very easily.

What can’t I do with telepathy?

As telepathy is a communication with the inner world, you cannot use it to get names, precise dates or other ‘formal’ information. The realm of the soul is a timeless and formless realm where it doesn’t matter what my name is and on what day I was born. I’ll still be me regardless my name, and in my heart I’ll still feel 26 even when I’m eighty years old. Names, dates and other factual details are part of the mind and the outside world and cannot be ‘received’ through telepathy unless you knew them already with your mind.


I always have so many distracting thoughts in my head, I wonder if I will be able to learn to do telepathy?

Yes, you will. Having a strong mind is no obstacle with the technique we use, on the contrary. To do telepathy, we don’t need to have a blank mind or put aside all our thoughts, no, we USE our mind and ask it to help us formulate the words for what needs to be said.] We put our minds to work, and so it is happy, and so are we 🙂


I’m a highly sensitive person, would it be good for me to follow this course?

Absolutely! Not only because of the telepathy which brings you closer to yourself, but especially also because of the Intuitive Development. Here you are given a number of insights that can help you a great deal as a highly sensitive person. For example how you don’t have to be the victim of all the impressions you gather, how you can learn to pick up the right information without feeling overwhelmed or laden down. Or how you can be grounded better. How you can deal with the people around your (or your clients) without getting exhausted. ] How to transform your sensitivity from a burdon to a benefit.


Can I read people’s minds with telepathy?

No, sending out thoughts and receiving another person’s thoughts back is not at all what I teach. So we won’t be playing any “what am I thinking about now?” guessing games, and it’s not a free alternative to sattelite phones and internet connections. It would take years for both parties to learn this kind of ‘communication of mind‘ as I rather call it, and then again, what people think today is not what they will think tomorrow – thoughts tend to be fickle and easily influenced by the world around you.

Can I use telepathy to find out how my ex is doing?

No, that’s not possible. You can have soul communication only with someone who agrees to cooperate and under very strict ethics in general. If you want to get inside information about someone behind their backs, that is called curiosity and the soul protects itself rigorously from this kind of impure nosiness. This is an important topic that will be discussed in class.


Can I have telepathic contact with someone who is deceased? (a person or an animal)

In theory, you can. However, everything depends on how and why you do it. If you can manage to do it from the heart, in a pure way, without wanting anything from the deceased person, you can easily talk with them and this can be beneficial for the both of you. However, if you try to communicate with someone starting from an emotional/hurting/needy place in yourself, you will be cheating yourself, and you can even get yourself in trouble.


What is the difference between a medium and someone who does telepathy?

Mediums generally allow some other being (high or low) to take over part of their consciousness, they become a kind of ‘vessel’ for someone else to speak through them. Sometimes they even have a different voice or speak another language. It looks impressive, but this process usually weakens their own will and in the long run it is unhealthy, for their bodies as well as their lives.

Telepathy is a contact from soul to soul, each one staying in their own centre but having a pure and respectful interplay at a very high level and an exchange of information and knowledge. While you do telepathy, you never give up any part of your own consciousness, but merely translate what you are becoming aware of through your own soul and the contact of your soul with another soul. Telepathy is not unhealthy in any way, on the contrary, after having done a telepathic session, one generally feels invigorated and joyful.


Is all telepathy by definition pure and of the same quality?

No, not at all. The world and the internet is full of “telepathic messages” from Master So-and-So or Archangel This-and-That, but it’s not because “Jesus says so” that this is really Jesus. The quality of telepathy depends on the person doing it. If that person performs telepathy with the heart and in a selfless and correct way, the message will be loving, constructive, universal and simple (simplicity is a quality from the heart).

However, if the person doing “telepathy” is interested more in becoming famous, inspiring awe or saving the world, the “telepathic” messages will be long-winded, confusing, complicated or theoretical, sometimes accusatory or ominous, or on the contrary sugary and patronizing. Don’t believe everything people say just because they say it. If in doubt, read something diagonally and then ask your heart whether this message makes you happy, strong, optimistic and vigorous, or whether it makes you more depressed, stressed and insecure. If it is the latter, stop reading at once and aim higher. Never question the ability of your own heart to recognize what is true and what is good for you.

… but then will I be able to do it right?

Sure you will. All this doesn’t mean that you can only do real telepathy when you’re nearly enlightened and perfect! As I said in the reply to the question about whether telepathy is difficult to do: the key is to use it for your day-to-day life and for the people around you in their day-to-day worries and situations. Then you will be able to get a lot of benefit from living in communication with your heart and the wisdom of the soul. Don’t try to save the whole world, first try to live your life, do your things and take up your responsibilities in a humble and loving way, that is the secret; only simplicity can connect you to the soul.


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