Laura in India – part 5 –

Laura in India – part 5

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Travel account of Laura’s trip to India, February-March 2011

(written by Lydia, Laura’s Mum)

For this travel account, we showed our pictures to Laura. What Laura said during the trip or afterwards as comment to the photos is marked in blue.

 10th March 2011, 1.33 pm

‘kingfisher experience’ says mom because that’s what the pilot said but I just think it’s fun

For Laura, the ‘Kingfisher experience’ is that she continuously rocks backwards and forwards during the whole 2-hour flight, as if her life depends on it. Sometimes she grabs the seat in front of her to test its firmness too.


Luckily the texting, sitting or sleeping people remain remarkably unmoved the whole time.

The fertile fields of Tamil Nadu

 3.59 pm

at Chennai airport

this indian meal was particularly spicy and boring but eating is necessary and that’s what I did

 4.34 pm

We book a taxi for an evening in Madras.

The first driver is drunk and doesn’t know the way. We get out of the car again and make a bit of fuss. A different car is appointed to us, with a decent driver.
Evening traffic is dangerous enough as it is!

 5 pm

We drive to Mylapore, well known and loved from previous journeys. (if you like, check out Wiki)

Our fellow traveller and friend David is looking for books about Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine) and we decide to go to the Ramakrishna Mission first to see if they know how to help us.

david gave me a flower to wear in my hair

The local ladies are ravished when Laura takes one of them by the arm to explore the place.

in the bookstore I was bored
Book knowledge is not Laura’s cup of tea, she has other sources of her own

outside was wonderful

For the Ayurveda books we are kindly refered to the ‘culture and tradition supermarket’ closeby, next to the centuries-old Kapaleeshwarar Temple.

 6.15 pm

Around the temple there are a lot of little stalls selling devotional and other items. But there is not much time for strolling, because it’s getting late.

Here in the twilight you can see merry-go-rounds for mini indian lightweight babies.

Here is where you buy a ticket for a puja in the temple (religious hindu ritual)

 6.21 pm

on the street I got some toys
my favourite toys are bells


The new toys are tested and approved.

 6.50 pm

‘Giri trading agency private limited’ is the name of this store. Here we are at the third floor.

 7.10 pm

Laura decides to sit in front of the door and throws off her shoes, because the paperwork at the counter can take quite a long time.

 7.19 pm

Dozens of people just step around Laura as if her sitting there were completely normal. India is our second home.

 8.49 pm

 8.57 pm

our trip is taking too long now

 10th March 2011, 11.28 pm

at the last moment we manage to take a nice shower…
and I feel much better after that

 11th March 2011

This is 13 hours and 20 minutes later. In Brussels the time is only 8.30 am (in India it’s 1pm already with 4,5 hours of time difference)

what a nice feeling to be so close to home again

“Sweet Laura, did you stay awake all night?”

 11th March 2011, 9 am

Martine brought our warm coats.

Friday 11th March 2011, 3pm – the winter sun is shining through the window.

… The end …

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