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Telepathy & Intuitive Development

An end to your doubts

Just about every day we are confronted with choices, dilemmas, problems and sensitive situations in which we would like to do what’s best for everyone. But there is so much doubt: what is the right thing to do in this case, and who can tell me? The voice of my linear mind telling me to act logically? The voice of my emotions, urging me to be careful or claiming even beforehand that whatever I do, it will never be good enough? The echo of my education? Or do I rather listen to the others and what they want from me? Or can I listen to my heart instead and remain true to myself? Of course!

You can learn how to find simple clarity in yourself, even in moments of the greatest insecurity. A clear answer to your difficult questions. Without having to bother others and without that nagging doubt afterwards, ‘did I make the right choice?’ Your life becomes easier, your actions become more powerful and more loving, you grow more self-confidence and can even give support and comfort to those around you, without feeling taxed by it.

What we do in this course

In this revelatory course you are given every tool to be able to communicate telepathically with the soul. First with the people around you – fellow participants, friends and acquaintances – and then animals, trees and plants too, and finally with your own soul too. You discover a way to dive past the maze of your own thoughts and feelings and obtain simple answers to complicated questions and problems; not just for yourself but for others too.

Besides that, you are handed a great deal of concrete insights that allow you to gain strength, self-knowledge and intuition and that make you feel more at home in yourself.

What you can learn in this course

“The course has proven to be a wonderful, valuable addition to my coaching work with muscle testing and consciousness work. I find it most fascinating to join the client in exploring the depths of certain nuances of the telepathic message. Gradually, it becomes more and more clear what the soul is telling the client. Thank you, Marie, for your wisdom and spiritual knowledge! You are a wonderful teacher. Your humour, your simplicity, your self-confidence, your spontaneity are for me great sources of inspiration!”

“This course especially gave me more self-confidence. I now feel much more confident opening up to others and expressing myself from the heart. The meditations Marie taught us are so simple and yet so beautiful. I learned so much in such a short time. I’m more conscious of all the beautiful things around me and I will also be shining my light towards others so that they can enjoy a ‘full’ life as well!”

  • Method not based on fantasy or visualisation but on physical experience
  • Not necessary to be able to meditate or have a blank mind (on the contrary, a strong mind can be to your advantage)
  • Easier than expected!
  • You can learn it in just a few days time
  • Doable for everyone with an open mind and a reasonable ability to concentrate

Content of the course

part 1: Telepathy

  • What is telepathy, how does it work, what are its possibilities and its limitations? What can you use it for, what not?
  • 4 steps to learn a straighforward technique for telepathy with the soul. Each step consists of practical exercices, first with drawings and then with a plastic keyboard, and at first also with a partner (someone else from the group – duo’s change frequently, each one ends up working with all the others at some point of the course)
  • I practice one-on-one with each student in the first two phases of learning the technique, in order to give them personal advice on how to find the right way to sit, move, think and go about it.
  • Every student receives a personal message from their soul through me, to show them the impact and possibilities of what they are learning to do themselves
  • Ethics of communication with the soul, ethics of communications with animals and nature beings; what to respect and look out for when communicating with handicapped people, babies, young children, people in a coma or having dementia.
  • What is the right attitude to be able to do telepathy (for this you also need the part on ‘intuitive development’)
  • Stumbling blocks to telepathy and how to overcome them
  • Discussion of ‘the mirror sphere‘, where what one does is not telepathy with the soul but merely a confusion-causing communcation with a lower plane of consciousness. How to recognize and avoid it.
  • How to have a telepathic ‘session’ with a client or a friend; what questions are conducive to high level telepathy and which ones should be adjusted
  • How to have telepathy with animals; its different levels and possibilities
  • Communication with your own soul

part 2: Intuitive develpment

  • We learn a simple but very powerful 5-step ‘meditation frame’, based on ancient knowledge of the Masters of the Far East.
  • The ‘meditation frame’ gives us a good basis to discuss these topics:
    • how to combine spirituality and day-to-day life
    • what is the inner structure of a human being
    • what is intuition, how does it work, what does it do and how do we get it
    • why and how to connect yourself to the earth and to your body
    • how to calm your thoughts easily and connect your thinking to your heart
    • why we lose vital emotional energy and how to stop yourself from doing it

    • how to connect yourself to the inner world
    • how to live from the heart and add that extra spice to your life
    • what is love and what isn’t; how to learn the difference between thoughts, will, emotion and intuition
    • how to connect to other people from the heart so you can know what to do and what not to do
    • what is the Divine, how come there is good and evil in this world, how to understand this and how to deal with it on a personal level
  • Other topics can be discussed according to the interests of the group

“Incredibly agreeable and instructive course”

“… a very motivating and passionate teacher!!!”

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“For me this course was a confirmation of what I had suspected for many years – that I can communicate with animals. Using this technique I now strive to have an even better communication with ALL living beings.” (Lore, age 16)

“Thank you so much for this fascinating and healing course. The simplicity and power of your spiritual experience is especially beautiful.”

“It’s really nice to be able and allowed to work with this, it never ceases to amaze and move me.”

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